QUESTION 21 You are an independent software vendor.   You want the custom entities and custom attributes distributed by your solution to have the prefix "contoso_".   What should you do?   A. Create new entities and attributes, and define the prefix as "contoso_". B. Create a new publisher, and define the publisher's prefix as "contoso". C. Create a new solution, and define the solution's prefix as "contoso_". D. Open the System Settings, and change the prefix of the Read more [...]
QUESTION 51 You need to create and save a business rule. Which component is required?   A. formula B. property C. description D. action   Correct Answer: D     QUESTION 52 You are developing a Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution for a company. Your solution utilizes an HTML Web Resource on the Account form.   Company employees use Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mobile client for iPad, Android, and Windows.   How will this environment affect the user experience?   Read more [...]
QUESTION 41 You are creating a custom entity. Which two Primary Field properties can be changed when the entity is created? Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose two.   A. Maximum Length B. Schema Prefix C. Field Requirement D. Data Type   Correct Answer: AC     QUESTION 42 You are a customer service manager. You create a personal dashboard that contains one system chart and two personal views.   You need to make this dashboard available to Read more [...]
QUESTION 31 You customize the default Account form so that it has eight tabs and 120 fields. You use the device-native applications developed by Microsoft to deploy Microsoft Dynamics CRM clients on Android and iPad devices for remote employees.   Some of your remote employees require information from fields under the last tab.   You need to provide these fields to your remote employees.   What are two possible ways to achieve this goal? Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Read more [...]
QUESTION 11 You are customizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM. What should you do before you delete a custom entity?   A. Delete the shares for records of this entity. B. Check whether the entity has any component dependencies. C. Remove the entity ownership. D. Remove the entity from any security role.   Correct Answer: B     QUESTION 12 You are creating a solution in Microsoft Dynamics CRM that has new custom entities and attributes.   Which two Data Types are supported Read more [...]
QUESTION 1 You are a Microsoft Dynamics CRM consultant. You are assigned a new implementation.   Before you configure the customer's environment you want to set the Option Value Prefix for your solution.   In which location do you set the Option Value Prefix?   A. system settings B. the Option Set C. your solution D. The publisher of your solution   Correct Answer: D     QUESTION 2 You create a custom entity named Ocean. It has the plural name of Oceans. Read more [...]