QUESTION 101 HOTSPOT A school stores information about teachers, students, classes, and enrollments in a Windows Azure SQL Database database. The database includes a table that maps the user IDs of teachers to the subjects they teach.   Teachers access reports in a SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) instance by using their credentials.   You are developing a report that displays a table of class enrollments for a specific subject. The report will prompt teachers to select from their mapped Read more [...]
QUESTION 81 You are designing a partitioning strategy for a large fact table in a Manufacturing data warehouse. Tens of millions of new inventory fact records are loaded into the data warehouse weekly, outside of business hours. Most queries against the database are generated by reports and by cube processing. Data is frequently queried at the day level and occasionally at the month level.   A. Partition the inventory fact table by month, and compress each partition. B. Partition the Read more [...]
QUESTION 91 DRAG DROP You are designing a SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) data model on a very large data warehouse.   The fact tables in the data warehouse contain terabytes of data in tens of billions of rows.   You must support the following features:   Complex attribute/column relationships Advanced calculations in the data model definition Advanced calculations using logic deployed in a custom assembly   You need to choose the correct SSAS design strategy.   What Read more [...]
QUESTION 71 You are designing an extract, transform, load (ETL) process for loading data from a SQL Server database into a large fact table in a data warehouse each day with the prior day's sales data.   The ETL process for the fact table must meet the following requirements:   Load new data in the shortest possible time. Remove data that is more than 36 months old. Ensure that data loads correctly. Minimize record locking. Minimize impact on the transaction log.   You need to design Read more [...]
QUESTION 61 DRAG DROP You are designing a dataset for a SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) report.   The report includes the report items displayed in the following graphic.     The dataset is sourced from a commonly used stored procedure in an inventory data mart hosted in a SQL Azure database.   It returns the status for all products across all storage sites. The report must display data for the storage site that is selected by the Site report parameter. You cannot change Read more [...]